Xuanqi Chen 陳宣奇

Ph.D Candidate

Big Data System Lab 大數據系統實驗室
OPTICS Lab 光電協同計算實驗室
Tel +852-6672-1181
Email xuanqi.chen@connect.ust.hk
Office Rm. 3655, near Lift31-32, HKUST
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Xuanqi has been pursuing his Ph.D degree in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) supervised by Prof. Xu since 2015. From 2011 to 2013, he attended the national undergraduate electronic design contest and won the first-class prize at Nanjing. From 2013 to 2015, he became a member of the key student engineering project of Sichuan province, which provided 100,000 yuan and required 6 patents, 8 papers together with real and testable objects. In 2015, Xuanqi graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, ranking first in his major. Since he joined the Big Data System Lab in HKUST, he focused his main attention on the System-on-Chip or Network-on-Chip related research.

His research interests are in advanced computer architecture such as Optical-Network-on-Chip, Reconfiguration and Multiprocessor System-on-Chip. He believes that the Von Neumann Architecture, which dominates over a half century, needs to be replaced instead of just adapted with the powerful software supporting and new concepts due to the new age of 'Internet of Things' and 'Big Data'. Therefore, he is determined to devote himself into the sphere of computer architecture looking forward to making some contributions or breakthroughs toward the world.

Xuanqi is also a very spirited, sentimental and energetic person of wide hobbies. He is willing to make friends with different backgrounds and provide his assitance. Besides, he is a warm-hearted man who once worked as a volunteer teacher, in an impoverished mountain area in Sichuan province and aided a poor kid to complete her study there.

Every person, who gave him advice and help once, is remembered and appreciated by him. And He welcomes anyone who wants to know his academic work and cooperate with him to make a little difference, or just to play together and have fun.


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